Additional Equipment

Like most grip trucks, the Good Times van is filled with a lot of grip equipment and additional equipment is added to suit the needs of a given production. Good Times has the following gear to choose from:



1 – Arri M18 HMI: Often referred to as “the brightest light you can plug into a household outlet.” The M18 uses Arri’s award-winning MAX reflector to deliver an even light beam adjustable from 20 to 60 degrees with no lenses and 70% brighter than the 1200w Arri pars of yesteryear. Perfect as a fill light for daytime exterior shoots, pushing light into an interior from outside or building a booklight for interviews. Comes with two 25′ header cables.


1 – Joker2 800w Zoom Kit: An 800w daylight balanced source that packs into a 17″ x 19″ x 12″ flight case! Perfect for rental jobs operating out of a small vehicle and it fits a baby stand, saving even more space. This model uses a faceted reflector (similar to the Arri M18) with spot/flood control so there’s no need to carry around the lenses that Jokers usually require. Comes with barndoors, three scrims, a 25′ header cable and two options for glass beakers. This updated ballast is can be switched from 300 hz to 1000 hz for high speed filming and is wireless DMX ready, using the LumenRadio protocol. Operates on 8 amps so there’s plenty of room on even a 15 amp circuit.


1 – Joleko Adapter Kit: A perfect companion for the Joker2 800. This allows you to add the reflector and lens of a Source 4 “leko” to the front of the Joker2 800 lamp, giving you the ability to shape the beam with the internal shutters. 19, 26, 36 or 50 degree lens barrels are available.


NEW! 1 – Aputure 600D Pro w/ F10 Fresnel lens and barndoors: A fantastic new light from Aputure. A bright LED daylight source with wireless DMX capabilities and the ability to run off AC power or DC power using the gold mounts on the ballast or a 48v 3-pin XLR source. The F10 fresnel lens connects easily to the bowens mount on the front of the light and creates an even beam with spot/flood control of 15-45 degrees. More accessories coming soon!

LitePanels 2x1 Gemini

2 – LitePanels Gemini 2’x1′ Soft Light: A full color soft LED light capable of nearly 100 foot candles at 10′, operating off a 28v battery, and dial-able color correction gels from Rosco and Lee. Newest firmware brings effect lighting. Police and ambulance lights, fire effect, strobe, party mode are just a few button taps away. One DoPChoice Snapbag is available to increase the size to 2’x3′ and includes 1/4 grid, 1/2 grid, and full diffusion panels.


1 – LiteMat Plus 4: 21″ tall and 40″ wide but less than an inch thick and incredibly lightweight, LiteMats are changing how we can light. Easy to rig and fit into the smallest places but still provide soft even light with adjustable color temperature from 2600k to 6200k. Tape it to the wall, screw it to the ceiling, hang it waaaay out on a menace arm or just plop it on a c-stand. Comes with a polyskirt, 1/4 grid, 1/2 grid,  and full diffusion panels, parasquare louver and Gold Mount battery plates. SnapGrid can be added to help control light spill.

LitePanels 1x1 Astra

2 – Bi-color LitePanel Astras: Small and efficient with great color. Available with a DoPChoice softbox and Gold Mount battery plates.

quasarrainbowtubes4 x 4′ and 4 x 2′ RGBX Quasar tubes: The new Q-LED Rainbow Linear LED Lamp featuring RGBX can paint your world with vibrant saturated color and illuminate it with powerful white light from our 2000° Candlelight to 6000° Daylight Kelvin. All Rainbow Lamps are equipped with onboard digital interface giving you command of Intensity, Kelvin, Hue & Saturation. Each lamp has a built in Lumen Radio CRMX chip for wireless control. You can control all 4 from your device or use one fixture as a ground unit that controls any other linked fixture.

Quasar 4' Crossfade

4 – 4′ Crossfade Quasar tubes: An impressive replacement to the classic fluorescent tubes of yesteryear. You can dial in the color temperature and they work great on hand dimmers.


Arri Tungsten Heads – Two 300w fresnel, four 650w fresnels, a 1k fresnel and a 1k open face. Classic workhorse lights.

ETC Source 4

2 – 750w Source Four Leko ellipsoidals with 19, 26, 36 and 50 degree lens options. Great units for getting a very shaped beam of light.


1 – RatPac AKS+ kit with two Cintennas: A dependable solution for controlling DMX lights wirelessly. Attach either of the included Cintennas to any light that takes a DMX signal, such as our Geminis, and start controlling them from your own device, such as an iPad w/ Luminair or Blackout. The AKS+ can also control our Rainbow Quasars without the use of the Cintennas.

Camera Support:

Dana Dolly

1 – Dana Dolly Kit: Available with 4′, 6′, or 10′ rails, the Dana Dolly is a great option when small camera movements are required but a larger dolly is not feasible. Very popular with documentary work, commercials, branded content, as well as narrative pieces. The kit comes in a Pelican case and includes two American Grip Dana Dolly stands. For low work, the Dana Dolly can operate on the ground or raised on appleboxes to find the perfect height. If using the 10′ rails, a center support stand is also available.

Matthews Doorway Dolly

1 – Matthews Doorway Dolly: The doorway dolly is a perfect option if you need to do long or short moves, on or off track, and want to ride along. It’s available with 2 pieces of 8′ track and 1 piece of 4′ track.


1 – Hood Mount Kit: Kit comes with a pair of leveling legs, a mitchell cheese plate, 4x gutter hooks, 4x ratchet straps, and 4′ or 6′ speedrail. A 100mm ball to mitchell adapter is available if using a 100mm tripod head.


2 – Ball Leveling Cheese Plate: Available in either wide base (10″x14″) or mini base (10″x7″), allows for quick leveling of the camera. Mini base supports cameras up to 29 lbs. Wide base supports cameras up to 75 lbs. BYO dovetail plate.

The above pieces of camera mounting can also be used for overhead and top-down shots by using junior truss ladders and grid clamps.



1 – Honda EU2200i: No more worrying about how to get power out into the woods. Great for a few lights and running a monitor and camera power. It’s got enough power to run the Arri M18!


1 Honda EU3000is Generator: Need more juice than the 2200 can deliver? The Honda EU3000is maxes out at 3000 watts. Enough for a medium sized HMI and a few LED lamps or camera power. Actual unit comes on four pneumatic wheels that roll great over pavement, gravel or wooded paths.

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