Additional Equipment

Like most grip trucks, the Good Times van is filled with a lot of grip equipment and additional equipment is added to suit the needs of a given production. Good Times has the following gear to choose from:


LitePanels 2x1 Gemini

1 – LitePanels Gemini 2’x1′ Soft Light: A full color soft LED light capable of nearly 100 foot candles at 10′, operating off a 28v battery, and dial-able color correction gels from Rosco and Lee.

LitePanels 1x1 Astra

2 – Bi-color LitePanel Astras: Small and efficient with great color. Available with a DoPChoice softbox and battery plates.

Quasar 4' Crossfade

4 – 4′ Crossfade Quasar tubes: An impressive replacement to the classic fluorescent tubes of yesteryear. You can dial in the color temperature and they work great on hand dimmers.


Arri Tungsten Heads – A 300w fresnel, two 650w fresnels, a 1k fresnel and a 1k open face. Classic workhorse lights.

ETC Source 4 "Leko"

2 – 750w Source Four Leko ellipsoidals with a 26 degree and 36 degree lens. Great units for getting a very shaped beam of light.


Dana Dolly

1 – Dana Dolly Kit: Available with 4′, 6′, or 10′ rails, the Dana Dolly is a great option when small camera movements are required but a larger dolly is not feasible. Very popular with documentary work, commercials, branded content, as well as narrative pieces. The kit comes in a Pelican case and includes two American Grip Dana Dolly stands. For low work, the Dana Dolly can operate on the ground or raised on appleboxes to find the perfect height. If using the 10′ rails, a center support stand is also available.

Matthews Doorway Dolly

1 – Matthews Doorway Dolly: The doorway dolly is a perfect option if you need to do long or short moves, on or off track, and want to ride along. It’s available with 2 pieces of 8′ track and 1 piece of 4′ track.



1 – Honda EU2200i – No more worrying about how to get power out into the woods. Great for a few lights and running a monitor and camera power.


Red Scarlet

Looking for a camera package? Through a partnership with Swallowtail Media, we can provide a RED Scarlet-W 5k package with options for matte box, follow focus, Zeiss ZE lens kit and more. Click here for more information.

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